The moment that many Google Play customers have been waiting for is here, as Google finally made the Store’s gift cards official. The support page for the vouchers, which has just gone live, reveals more information that will please those customers in the U.S., but disappoint many outside the country.

The gift cards, as expected, are available in the amounts of $10, $15, $25, and $50 – with $2,000 being the maximum amount you can redeem on your Google Play balance. Note that you won’t be able to use the gift cards to “purchase subscriptions or items from the Devices section, including accessories (chargers, covers, etc.)” Likewise, you can’t combine the balance with other forms of payment.

Since the gift cards are only available in the U.S., it means they can only be used on apps, games, and other content that is sold in U.S. dollars. So tough luck if you’re planning to ask your American friends to buy them for you  and use the balance to purchase content in Euro or other currency.  The three listed retailers that will be carrying the gift cards are RadioShack, Target, and GameStop.

Excited as we are, we can’t help to think that there are a lot of don’ts and can’ts that come with the release of the gift cards. But hey, this are still the early days of Google Play gift cards, and we’re banking on Google to add some international flavors in the near future.

What say you international readers, disappointed with the restriction of the cards? Any American folks planning to head to the mall and stock up on the cards?

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