Google Play_ Retribution

Well, this was quite a find. Just in time for the Season 3 premiere of the acclaimed series Game of Thrones, Google has released a new commercial titled “Retribution”, complete with an aura of vengeance in the air.

Throughout the ad, we see Google going through the Play Store and buying a bunch of medieval, dragon, power and punishment themed content on a Nexus 10. They move through songs, books, games and movies, all while Carmina Burana’s O Fortuna is doing its part to build up the tension in the background. The ad culminates when showing us the cover of the Game of Thrones on the Nexus 7 and other content on the Nexus 4 and a Chromebook. In the end, the Play user is revealed as Daenerys Targaryen, mother of dragons and rightful ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

It’s great to see Google take advantage of what has now truly become a global phenomenon. I have no doubt this will manage to extract at least couple of chuckles from GoT fans. I have just one quarrel with the ending; I really do not believe that the Khaleesi has time to kill on her Nexus. Doesn’t she have an army to build and a kingdom to win?