The countdown to 2013 won’t be complete if you miss the variety of deals that Google Play is offering every day until January 1st. The latest is one that will get you into the holiday spirits, quite literally, as we’re talking about drinks here.

You can grab a free copy of the “How to Mix Drinks” e-book, a classic that was first published in 1862. Also known as “The Bon-vivant’s Companion”, it’s a collection of recipes on drinks, cocktails, punches, and more written by Jerry Thomas, who’s quite the connoisseur back in the day for all things bartending.

As a bonus, the interactive e-book also comes with a video that features David Wondrich, a cocktail historian, who merrily provides some information on the book and the history of the drinks, as well as guiding you through some of the recipes. Watch and learn from the master on how to create the perfect Sherry Cobbler or grown-up eggnog.

We’ve embedded the video above for your drinking viewing pleasure. Let the “Happy Hours” begin.

Bams Sadewo
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