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Google Play Books update brings upload feature along with new and improved UI

Google Play Books has now been fitted with a new user interface, giving it a new look that's more in tune with Google's other Play Store services
May 15, 2013
Google Play Books
If you’ve been following the Google Play-related updates that we have been posting today, then you wouldn’t be surprised to know that Google Play Books has now been fitted with a new user interface, giving it a new look that’s more in tune with Google’s other Play Store services — such as Google Play Music — after the wide-ranging redesign that Google implemented today.

Google Play Books, which is currently on version 2.8.59, now boasts a couple of new features as well. Firstly, a navigation tray that automatically pops up after a user taps a certain icon is now in place. Also, a new confirmation dialog has been added to the app in order to prevent users from accidentally removing downloaded books from their devices.

The new Google Play Books app also comes with a feature that lets users upload their own PDF or EPUB files and then read them off just about any device that they prefer. The feature lets users either upload books directly, or simply import books that are already stored on a user’s Google Drive. Right now, Google has set a limit for books to be under 50MB each. However, they are allowing up to 1,000 books to be uploaded per account.

If you think that this Google Play Books update is for you, then simply make your way to the source link below to get the apk from the Google Play Store and install the latest version of the app on your device right now.