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Latest Google Play update suggests app reviews may soon require a Google+ account

We have yet to hear anything from Google, however thanks to a dissection of the recently released Google Play APK, we may be seeing some new features in future releases. The features look to include Google+ app reviews and the ability to place pre-orders.
November 20, 2012

While nothing is official until we hear direct from Google, it looks like Google Play may be getting some interesting new features in future releases. And aside from the obvious in that, most future releases will contain new features. These recently discovered goodies may be especially welcome.

The details come by way of the folks over at AndroidPolice who recently spent some time digging through the latest Google Play APK. For that, we are thankful. More to the point here, they have discovered code that hints at pre-orders and app reviews requiring a Google+ account.

Beginning first with the pre-orders. It was noted that these may or may not be active just yet. You see, the code is there and Google could have activated them already. This may just be a case of no active pre-orders are currently available for sale. Either way though, it looks like you will be able to place pre-orders in the Google Play store sooner rather than later.

Moving over to the second of the possible new features and we have the one we find a bit more exciting. Future app reviews will require a Google+ account. This would be nice if for no other reason than it tied people to what they were reviewing. Sure, you could fake a Google+ account, but somehow that seems like quite a bit of effort to leave a spammy review. Anyway, this would mean that your name and picture would appear alongside your review. Otherwise, it also looks like those who write a Google Play app reviews will also have the option to share that review with their Google+ circles.

So how about it, anyone else think that requiring a Google+ account to leave an app review will help to clean things up a bit?