In an attempt to make its Google Play movie rentals service more popular with the Android crowd, Google released a YouTube video in which it demoed the simple functionality of its cloud-based movie streaming service. The short 1-minute video explains how movie watching via Google Play works, and why Android tablet owners should be excited.

In short, enjoying a movie should be rather simple, as Google will let you start watching it on one device, and then continue from where you left off on an Android tablet.

And what better way to make people remember the Google Play movie rentals service than by trying to come up with a viral video/ad?

That’s exactly what Google did, and while bananas and mirrors are not actually used to stream movies from Google Play on Android devices, the analogy is quite interesting. Moreover, if you pay attention to what’s happening on the screen, you’ll discover certain links that will take you straight to the Google Play store (spoiler alert, you’re looking for four distinct links).

What Google doesn’t say in its short 1-minute video is that the available movie selection in Google Play is rather limited for now, and that it can’t match the competition when it comes to catalog size yet. However, the company is clearly moving in the right direction. While the Google Play movie rentals service may not successfully compete with Netflix or iTunes anytime soon, it certainly proposes itself as a new digital content avenue for Android fans.

Here’s a more serious video from Google detailing its Google Play movie service:

Did the mirrored banana convince you to switch to Google Play from your previous online movie streaming service?

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