Google Play Music All Access


Update: If you’re having trouble finding the right place to sign up for the 90 day promotion, you can do so by visiting this link.

If you’re a fan of streaming your music wherever you are, have a good data plan, and have been waiting on the right opportunity to try out Google’s All Access service, then you are in luck. Google is currently offering 3 free months of All Access music, meaning you can listen as much as you want without being billed for 90 days.

free play music all accessSigning up is easy. Simply login to your Google account, visit the Google Play link here, click on the “Get Started” button to start your Free 90-Day Trial”, and you’re all set to go.

Keep in mind that you will be billed $9.99/mo after three months, if you wish to keep the service. You can naturally cancel at any time via your Google Play account settings. Even better, cancelling doesn’t end your subscription, meaning that you can sign up now, cancel after a few minutes and still get free All Access until February.

We haven’t seen any information on exactly how long this offer will be running, so get it while it’s hot if you’re interested. We also don’t have confirmation for exactly which countries will be able to take advantage of this offer (or if it extends the 6 free months of all access that Nexus 6 buyers are currently eligible for), so be sure to hit us up in the comments to let us know if the deal is also running in your country.

According to comments here, some users were able to sign up for the three-month deal even if they had a subscription before and cancelled. However, for others, the Play Store shows an error message saying the promo is only for new All Access subscribers. Still, it doesn’t hurt to try your luck.

Enjoy the free music folks.

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