The big story is Google is actually intent—INTENT—on building robots with the help of a few partners. Put those Terminator fears aside though, cos what Google has in mind is basically a workhorse for the benefit of the human race. The punchline is the robots Google wants to build use Android OS to execute a variety of commands plus cloud computing for extra oomph.

The reveal on these Androidal machinations came during the recent Google I/O at San Fran, where Google showcased working prototypes that were built by partners iRobot, Willow Grove and Hasbro.

To be blunt, the robots were ugly and looked like they came from the land that ergonomics forgot. Especially Hasbro, the guys who gave the world Transformers came up with these unappealing ‘toys’ that didn’t inspire much awesomeness aside from being able to express cartoonish emotions when poked. Beyond aesthetic disappointment, however, the whole idea is golden. So golden, even Microsoft has embarked on a slightly similar project.

What Google wants to do is harness the full potential of robotics, Android, and cloud computing to make cheaper ‘bots that do more substantial work. Once operational, this triumvirate allows the Android using robots (it would be weird to call them Android robots) to unload some of their functions on the cloud, leaving them a wider variety of fresh tasks to execute. Robots can also learn to work in groups via an Android network.

While this is exciting news for cloud computing and Android, it’s even a bigger expose of Google’s grand ambitions. Here we have the mighty G working toward a future that it will shape. Man, if only Isaac Asimov were alive today.

Source: ZDNet

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