google pixel 4 deal amazon cyber monday 2020

If you like the pure Android experience of Google’s Pixel phones but don’t want to pay full price for current-gen phones like the Pixel 5, you’re in luck. The Pixel 4 with 64GB of storage is on sale for a low price of $522 at Amazon (34% off), while B&H is selling the Pixel 3a for $239 (40% off). Both deals are limited to Cyber Monday, so you’ll want to act quickly — these are last year’s phones and might not be around for much longer.

The Pixel 4 had its flaws when it launched, including poor battery life and unreliable hands-off gesture control. It has some distinct advantages a year later, though. Unlike the mid-range chip in the Pixel 5, the 4 is using a flagship-class Snapdragon 855 that’s still quicker for many tasks. Photos should process faster thanks to the Pixel Neural Core, and you might prefer the telephoto camera over the 5’s ultra-wide.

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The Pixel 3a price changes some equations as well. It’s even more affordable than the Pixel 4a and delivers much of that core experience, including quality camera technology and healthy battery life. You won’t find an IP rating for water resistance and you won’t get wireless charging, but that’s also true of the 4a — and those features are rare on any phone at $239, let alone one that’s otherwise very well-rounded.

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$522 .00
Google Pixel 4
Save $277 .00
Buy it Now
Google Pixel 4 Buy it Now
Save $277 .00 $522 .00
$239 .00
Google Pixel 3a
Save $160 .00
Buy it Now
Google Pixel 3a Buy it Now
Save $160 .00 $239 .00
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