Google has now officially introduced a new app called Photowall, which is exclusively designed for use with the Chromecast. Google’s official Play listing for the app refers to Photowall as a “Chrome experiment” that is designed to let users send photos from their devices over to a Chromecast-connected TV set — all in real-time. The end result is basically an interactive slideshow.

Anyone connected to the same network as the Chromecast can send over pictures, allowing this to be a collaborative effort. Once the pictures are on your TV, you can also edit them in a few ways such as drawing on them with a built-in paintbrush tool.


Once you’ve finished with your creation, you can also generate a YouTube montage from your Chromecast PhotoWall for sharing with other folks across the web. While Photowall might not be a must-have app, it’s a pretty cool experiment and is worth checking out if you happen to own a Chromecast. Just be warned that quite a few users have found the app to be more than a little crash prone.

To grab the Photowall app, you’ll want to head on over to Google Play.

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