Google photopshere video

In launching Views, Google has found a creative way to crowdsource visual info from around the world. We take photospheres, upload them to the Views site, and the Maps team reviews them for inclusion into the full app. The strange part about Views was that the only concern is photospheres and panorama shots, but that’s probably to avoid a rush of “selfies” at the beach being submitted for approval.

Along with Views, Google shared a best practices video for taking good photospheres. It shared pointers like holding the phone close to your body (guy in the video looks really awkward, though), tilting the phone rather than panning down, and using it in portrait mode (which is a party foul in every other instance). Those pointers fly in the face of my “find the blue dot as fast as possible” method, but also may explain why my photospheres suck. A lot.

Check out the video below. Between these pointers, Google Views, and the improved functionality for photospheres in Android 4.3, we could start seeing some really good stuff.