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Google Photo Sphere images can now be embedded into a website

Google has now introduced a new Photo Sphere web widget that makes it easy to display the images across the web. How does it work? Read on to find out.
May 3, 2013

Jelly Bean 4.2 added quite a few improvements to the Android experience, but arguably the most exciting feature is the ability to create a Photo Sphere. Unfortunately, taking and viewing these 360-degree panoramic images has been a limited experience at best. The Photo Sphere feature is still only for Android 4.2, but the good news is that viewing these images is about to become a lot less complicated.

Previously, you had three ways to view a Photo Sphere: directly from the Android 4.2 device it was taken, through Google+ pages or they could be uploaded into Google Maps. Today Google introduced a new Photo Sphere web widget that makes it easy to display the images across the web.

At the top of this post is a static image that shows of the new Photo Sphere web widget, and comes from professional photographer Colby Brown’s website. Head over there to check his collection of breath-taking images for yourself. Navigating is very simple, and works with either a mouse or with touch gestures.

So what’s involved to get these images working on your own website? First you will need to upload the images to either Google+ or Picasa, as there is no way to store them directly on your site. The process is actually handled through the use of Javascript code and the Google+ API. For those that would like to give it a try, Google details the process in a special post on the Google Developers site.

Being able to view these beautiful 360 images in more places certainly doesn’t take away from the sting that many of us feel for not having Android 4.2 yet, but it is still certainly a welcome feature.

What do you think of Photo Sphere, how do you feel it compares to other 360-degree camera software out there?