android-t-mobile-logoT-Mobile was the first US carrier to jump on the Android bandwagon, releasing the G1 when the Android platform was in its infancy. It only seems appropriate that the carrier is the first to be rumored to be getting the mysterious “Google phone“. According to a completely unsubstantiated rumor from a trusted source at TmoNews, the Google phone is supposedly codenamed Passion and will launch sometime during the first two weeks of January 2010. With only a few weeks left before we ring in the New Year, we should know the truth about this esoteric handset soon enough. Until then, speculation on the veracity of this rumor is welcome in the comments.

[Editor’s note: The guys at TmoNews indicated that they’ve been told that a “Google Experience” phone is headed to T-Mobile.  “Google Experience” is the term used by Google to refer to any “with Google” branded phone, like the G1 or myTouch 3G. This rumor seems even more weak than most, so take it with a fist full salt. -Michael]