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Google awarded patent for cell coverage based directions

November 17, 2012
While Apple is off getting patents for break neck technological advancements like the rectangle and turning pages in books, Google has been after something a little more worthwhile. We’re all familiar with GPS. A bunch of satellites in space send our devices a signal that uses that signal to pinpoint our locations. Google now has a patent that works much like that, but with cell coverage.

Lets break this down. According to the USPTO, the patent is much like GPS. It involves finding the destination and current location. However, the location and route to the destination can be altered by wireless coverage. In other words, Google can now use your cell signal to help better figure out where you are and where you’re going.

So Google patented using wireless signal along with GPS?

That is pretty much what it means. The patent isn’t for GPS location itself, but rather for the act of obtaining better information after the fact to pinpoint your location more closely. Google has used things like this before in the past. Like when Google Maps asks you to turn your WiFi on so it can work better. It’s much like that.

Adding this patent to their library should help Google continue to improve their Maps and direction services. This without risk of being sued for it. Did Google do well with this latest patent? Let us know your thoughts.