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Google passes Microsoft to become second largest tech company behind only Apple

Google's stock has risen again while Microsoft's took a slight drop. Normally this wouldn't be significant but this time it is because it has allowed Google to pass Microsoft as the second largest tech company in the world. Trailing only Apple now, Google has a long road to climb to catch up.
October 1, 2012
One thing that Google and Microsoft have in common is that they are household names. In most houses that have computers, you’ll sit down to Windows and Google search things. The two tech giants have plenty of things in common. Google controls the mobile market share, Microsoft controls the PC OS market share. They have both been sued by Apple. Their most recent commonality is how much they are worth.

Google recently passed Microsoft for the first time in market cap. This makes Google the second largest tech company in the world. According to Phone Arena, Google now has $249 billion in market cap. That is $200 million ahead of Microsoft’s $248.8 billion. This is a huge achievement for Google.

Of course, these figures are a tad misleading. According to Bloomberg, the market is a wild place. So don’t be surprised to see Microsoft take back the second place crown a couple of times before it becomes permanent.

Microsoft Google

Could Microsoft take it back from Google?

That is definitely the more interesting question. Google has been pushing out all kinds of new technology as of late. This includes Google Fiber, and the expected announcement of the new Nexus later this month. On top of that, Android recently hit 500 million activations and Google+ hit 400 million users.

Don’t count Microsoft down and out, though. The OS giant has some pretty exciting things coming up in the next couple of months as well. Later this month, Windows 8 will see it’s official release. Given that Windows is Microsoft’s biggest cash cow, that is going to mean quite a bit.

Windows 8 has a lot of promising features. None of which are more important than the marriage of desktop PCs, laptops, phones and tablets into one OS. If it catches on, Microsoft could very well end up controlling a good share of markets they have virtually no stake in now.

The market is a very unpredictable place, but the advantage definitely belongs to Google. They simply have more projects and have extended into more markets than Microsoft. The only tech company that is left to pass is Apple. It is going to be a tough task. Apple has been talking people into overpaying for last year’s technology since before Google even existed.

It is amazing that all this started with a simple search engine. Will Google catch up to Apple? Tell us your thoughts.