american idol second screen

Google is trying its hand at a second screen experience, but won’t make you download a special app just to get some new features.

Today Google announced a partnership with FOX to bring an American Idol second screen experience to Android and iOS through Google Search. Instead of going into the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store to download an American Idol app, all you have to do is search for “American Idol” or just “Idol,” and the experience appears right in your browser or Google Search app.

The American Idol second screen experience lets you vote for your favorite Idol contestants directly through Google with just a few taps. The feature gives everyone up to 50 total votes to split among the contestants. Thankfully, you won’t have to tap on photos 50 times each, though, as tapping on a contestant will bring up a slider that lets you easily choose how many votes to allocate to each person on the show.

Of course, just casting votes is a relatively feature that a lot of other companies can do, so Google also shows you YouTube videos of the contestants involved, which only makes sense. There’s also some Google features to share who you voted for with your friends, though the crossover between American Idol and Google+ fans might not be that big.

americaon idol second screen 2

This is Google’s first shot at being a polling service. Presumably if this pilot goes well we’ll start to see more polls pop up in Google Search from time to time. It’s certainly an easy way to get feedback on anything, assuming people use the proper search term. Though it’s easy to imagine such a feature annoying users who just want search results, who just want to see information on American Idol, and who don’t want to spend their time voting.

Are you going to try Google’s second screen experience? Do you ever bother with second screen experiences for any TV shows?

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