One million activations per day is coming soon

Android, as we already know – is the fast growing mobile operating system in the world. An interesting graph from pits historical numbers for Android’s growth with the most recent numbers revealed by Google in the 2nd quarter financial results, with some pretty accurate looking projections as to where Android is headed. These numbers are achievable – assuming that the rate of Android growth can be maintained. With devices like the Samsung Galaxy S II, the Nexus Prime, HTC Amaze, HTC Sensation (XL, too)  and more set to dominate for the foreseeable future – we see no reason why this won’t occur.

According to writer Michael Degusta:

“It took 29 weeks for activations per day to go from 100,000 to 300,000 – an increase of 200,000. After that, the next increase of 200,000 took… another 29 weeks. So from May 2010 til June 2011 there didn’t seem to be a compounding growth curve, rather the number seemed to increase fairly linearly at roughly 7,000 per week. Clearly that must have started increasing rapidly ahead of Rubin’s tweet in order to reach the 22,000 / 4.4% number.”

How does that sound to you – is the Android juggernaut unstoppable?

Via TheUnderstatement