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It looks like Google has some big plans for its online competitor to Microsoft’s popular Office suite. Google’s VP and head of  Enterprise, Amit Singh, has revealed that his company aims to get a huge chunk of market for its online suite of Office.

Google’s Amit Singh told AllThingsD that the company plans to get 90% of users who do not require the advanced features of Microsoft’s Office. Google is working on closing the gap between its online docs service and Microsoft’s Office. According to Singh, the company is adding features and improving them week by week. Singh says that Google’s Sheets web app does most of the stuff that MS Excel does, and, if you import Excel documents in Sheets, it’s hard to tell the difference between Microsoft’s desktop and Google’s online app.

Google wants to provide users with tools that would work for them 90% of the time. Singh revealed that in 2012 Google has broken the ice and obtained large-scale consumer adoption for its Apps. In the years past, Google was barely able to compete in the enterprise market and often lost in the bidding process.

Google made drastic changes to its online productivity services in 2012, and it combined Docs with a new cloud service called Google Drive.

The fierce enterprise battle between Google and Microsoft hasn’t reached its peak, so we will see more development in the rivalry area in 2013.

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