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Google Now may be coming to the web, code in test page suggests

Google Now could become part of Google's web search services soon, or at least that's what some code in a Google test page seems to be suggesting.
April 22, 2013
google now

Google Now may be becoming part of Google’s standard web search, according to code in a Google test page, unearthed by the guys at Google Operating System.

While developer Francois Beaufort (a man that has since become a Google employee) has discovered clues of the fact that Google Now would be integrated in the Chrome OS and Google Chrome a while ago, the test page code suggests that the Google Now service could be part of Google’s web search services.

Of course, this is just speculation, but said test page has a few instances where Google Now is mentioned, and seems to show some of Google’s intentions. The services rely on location. Home, work and current location are mentioned and would be used to provide relevant location-based information, like Google Now does in its mobile version (you can see a portion of the code in the screenshot below).

google now desktop

The Google Now slogan, “Just the right information at just the right time,” is also included in the code, right next to “Get started with Google Now,” in what seems to be something very similar to what Android Jelly Bean users are currently provided with (the fact that Now cards are mentioned a lot in the code is also a clue in that direction).

The same source also gives an idea on the way the service might look, taken from a Chrome extension Google is developing for the Russian version of its website, and the weather card, for example, looks very similar to the cards Now users. Also, clicking the link at its bottom shows weather for your current location (albeit in Russian).

Google Now

It will be interesting to see whether Google Now will be available across desktop browsers, offering a personalized home page, including exactly the information you could find necessary (or creepy) at a given moment and, also, whether the service will be announced at Google I/O, which is less than a month away.

Would you like Google Now to become part of Google’s web search services?