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Google Now vs Siri – Jelly Bean search defeats once again Apple’s voice assistant [video]

July 17, 2012

One of the Android features Google overhauled in Jelly Bean is the Google Search app. The company redesigned the app to offer, faster results and included an advanced, Siri-like voice recognition-based search software that lets users perform queries by asking them to the phone instead of typing them. Moreover, Google added a special Google Now feature that’s ready to assist with various daily actions and activities, as long as you’re willing to trade off your privacy to use it.

Android fans already know that by now and they have probably seen plenty of comparisons between the new Jelly Bean Google Search and Siri, with the later being clearly outperformed by the new Search. Now we’re going to show you another hilarious video that shows the differences between Google Search / Google Now and Siri, when it comes to understanding the person that’s speaking, and delivering accurate and fast results.

The winner is again Google Search, but I’ll also remind you that these kind of comparisons aren’t necessarily fair, from at least two points of view, no matter how funny they are.

First off, Siri is not a search engine, and therefore it relies on various sources, Google Search included, to provide answers, which means its responses will be slightly delayed and at times, inaccurate. Secondly, Siri is still in beta, and while an updated version is coming in iOS 6, that doesn’t mean we’re looking at a final product version yet.

That doesn’t Google’s new Search Android app is not to be applauded for its ability to understand most, if not all, questions and provide accurate results on a regular basis. Understanding what the speaker means appears to be the main advantage of Google Search / Google Now over Siri right now.

In other words, if the voice assistant feature is one of the main features you’re looking in a device right now, then it’s clear which way you’ll have to go to get fast, accurate results.