Google Now features

The Google Search app for Android has been updated and new Google Now features have been added, including real-time package tracking. The package tracking feature is said to be available only for select carriers, though, and the change log doesn’t mention any names.

The added Google Now features include quick feedback and settings for cards, which is done using the new button, marked with an “i”. This is situated on the upper right corner of each card. Clicking the button will tell you where Google Now got that information (for example, if an event is coming from your Google Calendar), and give you access to card settings, provided they’re available for that card.

The new update also promises to provide faster Google Search results, although search has worked pretty fast before the update. The latest Google Search update is available for devices running Jelly Bean.

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Bogdan Bele
Bogdan is a tech writer and blogger, passionate about everything mobile in general and Android in particular. When he's not writing about technology or playing with various gadgets (which he's doing most of the time), he enjoys listening to a lot of music and reading.