Are things not acting properly when using Google Now or the Google Play Store on your Android device? You are not alone. Reports of issues have been spreading across the inter webs and it seems they come as results of server-side tests.

Server-side tests are a way for Google to slowly release new features. They roll improvements out to a select amount of users, making sure everything is working properly. Then they can continue with a complete launch. It’s always nice to be among the first to see something new… except when it isn’t.

For example, this time the server-side tests are breaking two of Google’s most important Android apps. The Google Play Store issue is causing the homepage to show blank. This is not a huge issue, as you can still search, install and update apps, but it is definitely¬†an annoyance.

Things are a little more serious with the Google Now discrepancies. Cards are malfunctioning, causing an error message to appear in the main screen, as opposed to your valued information. Affected users have also found this can be fixed, though. Some claim a simple Google Search Data clear will do the job. Others have resorted to uninstalling updates and re-updating.

Are any of you experiencing these issues? Please do hit the comments to tell us more!

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