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The Google Now app… Excuse me, that is to say, Google Now within the Google Search app received new functionality today, bringing options for event reminders, new voice commands and quick access to the Olympics.

Google Now Contacts Approval

New voice commands let you make calls or send SMS messages to your contacts. As it strives to be your personal assistant, these commands accept some of the intelligent contextual uses found in Search. For example, say “call my sister” and as long as you have at least one person in your contacts designated as your sister, it will place the call. SMS can be triggered by saying “send text to Ted.” The app will confirm with you who exactly you are looking for should you have multiple Ted’s, or more than one sister in your contacts, the same as it will confirm the number if they have multiple numbers.

Not only can you do a little more with the voice commands, but a few new languages can now set reminders in Google Now. Welcome French, Japanese, Korean and, of course, German to the list. Just remember to avoid using the word alarm when setting a reminder, that triggers an entirely separate function.

Google Now Olympics Card

Event reminder enhancements allow you to designate your method of travel and the amount of time ahead of the event start time you wish to arrive at your location. This is especially great for getting to the airport in time for a flight, or just adding a buffer for those that like to push the limits.

The new Olympics card is filled with quick access to standings and news, then shows a chronological list of the next few events and their start times.

For the app that is named after the core of Google’s business, it is no surprise that as many as one billion users have Google Search installed. As Google continues to leverage its vast knowledge base to expand Google Now’s list of functions and continue to add enhancements like those we’ve received today, it should be no surprise that we expect a bright future for the service. If for some reason you do not have Google Search, head on over to the Play Store and grab your copy.

Do you see these features as helping shape the future of wearable tech? How many times per day do you “OK, Google” or “OK, Glass?”

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