In the midst of all the iPad news today, Google has quietly made available the desktop dock for it’s flagship device, the Nexus One.  For a mere $45 you get the black molded plastic to the right and the following features:

  • Check the local time and weather
  • Set and clear alarms
  • Watch a slideshow of your photos
  • Play music
  • Dim your phone’s display for nighttime use

As with the DROID multimedia dock, when the phone is placed into the dock it automatically cues up the “clock radio” mode with an interface that is meant for multimedia or quick viewing of relative information.  One of the dock’s key features is Bluetooth, which, coupled with the 3.5mm jack to RCA will allow you to pump your phones tunes through your speaker system without actually cradling the phone.

While this is a nice unique feature, the opportunities to use this seem limited unless your stereo system is next to your computer.  If this isn’t the case, why wouldn’t you just play the music directly from your computer and since Bluetooth eats battery life, you could also just cradle the phone and play the music while in the dock all while the phone is charging.

Nexus One owners, tell us what you think.  Is this dock underwhelming, genuinely awesome, or exactly what you thought it would be?  You can purchase the dock from Google direct at this link.