google now nexus 5 3

Driving through a tunnel, hiking on a mountain, riding the subway, or just enjoying a beer in an underground pub. These are all situations when you might not have an internet connection, thus making it impossible to check your helpful virtual assistant Google Now. But that’s changing with the latest update to the Google Search app, which incorporates Now.

As the Search team announced on Google Plus, your cards will remain accessible in Google Now even when you don’t have an internet connection. All you’ll need to do is update Search to the latest version, which started rolling out on Wednesday and also added parking reminders to Google Now’s sprawling set of skills.

With this change, Google is trying to alleviate a problem that’s hindering its plans to make a truly intelligent virtual assistant accessible to all, and that is lack of always-on connectivity. Google relies heavily on its cloud to provide valuable services to users, but the reality is we’re still far from truly ubiquitous internet. Let’s hope high-altitude balloons, solar-powered drones, and citywide 1Gbps fiber networks will change that in the next decade.