With Android’s increasing market share and Google’s focus on mobile devices and services, this should come as no surprise, but according to a note to investors from Morgan Stanley, Google expects the majority of its users to access its services from mobile devices in the future.

The note to investors mentions a presentation at the 2012 Open Mobile Summit, held in San Francisco. The presenters were global marketing director for Google, Rikard Steiber; global director of platform partnerships for YouTube, Francisco Varela; and general partner at Google Ventures, Rich Miner.

The trio told the conference that Google now considers itself a “mobile first” company, and proceeded to mention some valid statistics. ¬†Mobile searches had increased 200 percent in 2012 and 25 percent of YouTube traffic and 40 percent of its views now come from mobile devices, a 300 percent increase in 2012.

Steiber said that he believes in 2013, mobile devices will be the primary way that people access Google. Varela added to this, saying that he believes that total mobile traffic to YouTube could soon pass 50 percent, as it already has in Korea.

In many ways, this makes sense. Google has multiple reasons why it could benefit as a mobile-focused company. Still, with Google’s Chrome browser currently holding a third of the world market share, it doesn’t seem like Google would benefit from completely abandoning the desktop.

What do you think of Google as a “mobile first” company? How often do you use Google products and services on your desktop as opposed to on a mobile device?