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Google Now lets you know when local stores have the stuff you searched for

Google Now has announced a new card that informs you when a local store potentially has items you've searched for, as well as their exact pricing.
May 5, 2014

We’ve seen a lot of enhancements to Google Search and Google Now as of late, including a new Park Car Location card and offline capabilities. It seems that’s not all Google has in store for us, however, as they have now announced a new “Shopping Reminders” feature.

As you already know, Google already knows the games, clothes and other goodies we are interested in by simply following what we search for. Google Now is putting this information to work by giving us a new card that reminds us of the stuff we want to buy whenever we are near a store that carries it.

For example, let’s say there’s a new electronic gizmo you’ve been searching for online. If Google finds a listing for the item from a nearby retailer, it will give you a card that lists how much the item costs. This really isn’t much different from what we’ve already seen within Google Search results, other than it’s now in card form.

Unfortunately, the card doesn’t tell us whether the item is actually in stock, so you’ll still need to call the store or simply stop in and check for yourself. Whether this feature is really useful for you or not is probably a matter of opinion, though it’s always nice to see Google further refine its Google Now experience. It is worth noting that Google says you’ll need the most recent version of Google Search in order to take advantage of this feature, which can be found via Google Play.