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Google Now for iPhone and iPad outed in leaked, then pulled, YouTube video

A leaked YouTube video reveals Google Now for iPhone and iPad, although the product is not yet official.
March 12, 2013

What looks to be like a genuine video, pulled after being initially revealed on YouTube, shows us Google Now for iPhone and iPad, an app that could soon be available in the App Store but one Google is yet to make official.

As Android users already know, Google Now is an advanced search feature available on Jelly Bean handsets that sort of acts like a personal assistant. In order for it to work, you have to share various things to Google, which may sound kind of scary to some people. That way, the app can provide personal search results based on your everyday actions, interests, searches, emails, and so on.

Google Now is reportedly going to be available to Chrome users in the future, and it makes plenty of sense to see Google develop Google Now apps for other mobile operating systems, iOS included. After all, Google already has a variety of iOS apps available in the App Store, so Google Now for iPhone and iPad could be the next app it releases.

However, Google is yet to unveil the product, and the video above, which was saved by a viewer and then made available by Engadget, is not yet confirmed. Even if it looks like it’s the real deal, compared to previous Google Now YouTube videos, we’ll have to wait for Google to announce the product to make sure it’s actually real.