Google+ is leveling up with Apple by adding controls similar to that of Instagram to its photo section, including basic editing tools and filters. Since Google+ shares photos using Picasa, any edits using the program will be reflected on the site.  Google has  just made photo editing within the site a whole  lot easier.

Unfortunately, the controls can only be accessed in the desktop version by clicking the edit button. In full screen view, you can start editing photos by selecting the ‘Creative Kit’ option, so that you will be directed to an editor powered by PicNik. From this page, you can directly tweak and crop any photos that you like, plus apply filters that are similar to what’s available in Instagram. Google+ basically, offers a powerful photo editor with features such as the ‘Sunless Tan’ tool, which allows you to use a brush for applying tan and working out on edges. You can even join the festivities by making use of the website’s seasonal toolkit. This Halloween, you can add gravestones, blood splatter, and other Halloween related images and effects to your photos. Awesome!

Before you can make use of Google+ photo editor, you need to make sure that you have the latest version of Flash installed in your computer. Since the Creative Kit runs on it, there is no way you can avail the wonders of the photo editing tool when signing in to Google+ using an iPhone. However, if you have an Android tablet or Android phone with 2.2 or above, then it might be worth a try.

The Creative Kit in short, is a good replacement for Photoshop for a lot of computer users with its features and speed thus, posing as a big threat for sites such as Flickr. All in all, Google+ users can expect a reliable editor for their photos without the need for opening a separate photo editing tool such as the Photoshop.

Via: Ars Technica