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New Google Now card monitors flight prices for you

Google Now is adding a Flight price monitor card to their stack of goodies. The new card will keep you updated on any price changes to that next flight you need to take. Just use Google Flights to search your next flight and let us know how it goes.
September 23, 2014
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Google is adding another great new card to the Google Now interface, the Flight price monitor card is pretty straightforward, keeping you apprised of price changes to flights you are interested in.

Google Flights is the suspected tool that will tie this all together, but we can only presume that Google will be watching your inbox for price quotes and probably also keeping tabs on your recent search history to determine what flights are important to you. No official word is out yet explaining just how Google Now will decide what flight data you need.

Google Now Flight Price monitor Android Police

Google now has been quiet for a while now, the last update we took a look at was advanced voice accent detection nearly a month ago. Around that time we also discussed how Knowledge Vault could boost Google Now‘s sometimes creepy way of knowing us almost as well as we know ourselves to an all new level. Certainly, if researchers can use our anonymous data to predict likeliness of crime, Google Now should continue to be able to do nifty things to ease our digital lives.

Good thing Google now can be used for fun stuff as well. The weather is very handy, and controlling your Nest smart thermostat or IR remote for the TV is great. Personally, I have very much been enjoying the U.S. college football game and score updates, Go Ducks!

Some users are seeing the new Google Now Flight price monitor card now, but rollout plans are still unknown. Have you seen the new Flight price monitor card?