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Google may reportedly bring Google Now to the enterprise world

According to a new report, HP and Google have been in talks over the idea of expanding Google Now into the enterprise world.
August 13, 2014
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While the enterprise market has always been an important side-business for Google and its services, it seems that the company has been putting more focus into the effort recently by introducing Chrome boxes for meetings, Android for Work, and further expanding Hangouts into the business realm. This shift in focus has already began to pay off, as a recent report from Good Technology indicates that Android’s share of the enterprise market managed to climb up 5 points in Q2 2014.

the idea of Google Now integrating into the business world makes a lot of sense

So what’s next for Google when it comes to the enterprise world? While we can’t say with any certainty, a new report from the Information claims that HP and Google have been talking over the last year about expanding Google Now into the enterprise world, giving it voice actions that would be able to lookup company info, product inventory and more. Apparently the talks have never went anywhere, but with Apple and IBM recently announcing an enterprise partnership, it’s possible that Google could be motivated to make something happen here after all.

We have to admit that the idea of Google Now integrating into the business world makes a lot of sense. Google Now already makes our lives easier by presenting us with useful information and pre-fetching things we might find useful ahead of time, and this same kind of “personal assistant” experience seems like a natural fit for business professionals.

As a bit of a side-story, the Information claims that this isn’t the first time HP had attempted to work closely with Google with the aim of focusing on enterprise. Reportedly, the company had once proposed the idea of an enterprise-focused Nexus for government and business use. The idea was to create something with high-level hardware for encryption and other features that would appeal to the enterprise world. During this time, Andy Rubin was still the head of Android and had apparently dismissed the idea completely.

Back on point, what do you think about the idea of Google Now becoming an enterprise-capable tool, alongside its current consumer-focused features? Would this be a good move for Google or not?