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Is Google Now finally coming to Chrome soon?

Evidence suggests that Google is preparing to launch a new update involving Google Now, which could be added to Chrome on the desktop very soon.
June 27, 2013
Google Now on Chrome
The Google Search update which rolled out with useful new features the other day might soon be followed by yet another update from Google, based on information that first appeared in a report published on CNET. This time, the update concerns Google Now, which could be introduced to Chrome for both Windows and OS X on the desktop very soon.

The ability to enable Google Now in both Chrome and Chrome OS has actually been available to users for a few weeks now. But the service itself hasn’t gone live yet, and there hasn’t been any real indication of when that might happen — or whether or not it could happen any time soon. However, it appears that users are now being prompted to “Enable Google Cards Now” in Chrome to finally let the most relevant Google Now cards through.

According to the CNET report, the Google Now prompt in Chrome appeared in both Windows and OS X. And on Windows, there’s even a dedicated control panel that allows specifying what notifications are received by any particular user.

For now, it looks like Google is taking baby steps to the full deployment of Google Now outside of Android. The technology behind it is still not perfect, to be sure, but having it in more platforms means more people can put it to good use and also further its development in the long run.