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New Google Now cards for solar eclipses and Police Activity

These new Google Now cards will help you stare at the Sun and remain alert to crime in your area. There is a solar eclipse later today and Google Now has some info for you.
October 23, 2014
Google Now Police Alerts

As far as Google‘s app update Wednesdays go, we just closed out a fairly quiet one. Not to be forgotten, and just in the nick of time, Google Now is seeing some new cards pop up, putting an eclipse over crime. The first card is dedicated solar eclipses, perfect being that one is taking place later today, October 23rd, and the second card brings you local Police Activity for your area, you know, Amber Alert type of stuff.

There is no app update required to start receiving these new Google Now cards, just head into the app on your Android device and see what you’ve got.

Google Now solar eclipse card

The eclipse card should be visible to all Google Now users that live on a part of the globe that should see the Sun go away in the afternoon. Which includes much of North America. I’ve got the card here, but it is just a tease, as Google Now also shows me I will need my rain boots, maybe a boat, with a little rain coming in tomorrow.

On the flip side, I hope you are as lucky as I right now, in that I am not seeing the new Google Now card for Police Activity. We’re looking to confirm things, but we believe that this is a U.S. only card pulling from a publicly available database of alerts. This also means that things should remain fairly local to you, but ‘your area’ will likely include your entire city or more, so some rampant alerts may pop up from time to time.

Whether you are staring at the Sun or chasing down bad guys, Google is looking to help you stay safe out there.

Are you seeing the cards, do you find the info helpful in any way?