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Video: Here's the one minute Google Now ad that aired during the Grammys

Google Now is a service that not a lot of people use. Google wants to fix that, so they decided to run this ad during the 2013 Grammy Awards ceremony.
February 11, 2013

The “Grammys”, for those of you who may not be familiar with the word, is an annual award show held for musicians. Some people really care about it, others, this writer included, don’t even know it exists until everyone starts tweeting about it. To give you an idea of how important the show is, the 2012 Grammys had a viewing audience of roughly 40 million people according to The New York Times. But enough about that, let’s get to the news.

Google Now is a service that not a lot of people know about. If you have a Nexus device, then yes, you know what Google Now is, but think about all those poor people walking around with a Samsung smartphone that’s S-Voice enabled. Not cool, right?

In order to fix this, Google aired a one minute commercial during this highly watched award show to show people what Google Now is all about.

Did Google do a good job with the ad? Not really. When Apple runs an ad showing you what the iPhone does, they walk you through something like taking a photo or pinching and zooming. Google’s ad just shows people hitting the Google button and seeing a few cards. It doesn’t explain where those cards came from, how they’re sorted, and all the other neat things that make Google Now a genuinely nice thing to have.

The bigger question is why did Google air this ad during The Grammys? We don’t want to insult our older audience, but they’re usually the type of people who watch award shows. Younger folks get their music from their friends, who in turn get it from music blogs.