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Google's tablet to offer magazine subscriptions from major publishers

June 8, 2012

Google’s 7″ tablet is expected to be unveiled this month at Google I/O, and start selling a couple of weeks later. People attending Google I/O are probably going to get one the same day it’s announced, just like last year they received the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

BusinessInsider’s sources told them that Google partnered with some major magazine publishers to offer subscriptions to their magazines on Google’s tablet. Google will most likely make some kind of catalog app for these magazines, or at the very least, they will make a separate tab/category for publications in the Play Store.

Google has also recently announced in-app subscriptions for applications, and magazines subscriptions will be a very good way to make use of them. Buying digital newspapers and even magazines as “units” on a digital device like a tablet has never really made sense to me, but that’s how the iPad worked for the first year or so (now they have subscriptions, too).

Google’s tablet should be sold, at least as an option, through Google’s Play Store, just like they are selling the Galaxy Nexus right now. It might have a price of as little as $150, but it’s better to expect a $200 price tag until they announce it officially, because we really don’t know what kind of compromises they had to made. It could be sold for $150, but with lower specs in many areas, or for $200 with slightly better specs and display.

It’s also expected to arrive with Android 4.1, also known as JellyBean. I’m all in favor of Google launching only one major version of Android per year (preferably at I/O, their major event of the year, and not in a 30 minute event in Hong Kong in fall, like they did with ICS), but this time they really couldn’t just launch their first-time ever tablet with an eight months old OS.