Looks like Google has another bonafide hit on their hands. In less than a day from when the Nexus Q was made available on the Google Play Store, the company has exhausted the initial stock of the Nexus Q units. Those who are looking to buy the social streaming media player will now have to put up with a longer shipping date. Initially, customers were promised the orb-shaped device in 3-5 days from orders.

If you go to Google Play now to purchase the Nexus Q, you will see that the device is no longer in stock. The estimated shipment date for the next batch of the Nexus Q is now pegged at 2-3 weeks.

Did Google underestimate its own hardware by only producing a handful of the Nexus Q? It wouldn’t be such a bad business move to test the waters and see what kind of response the Q will get. Perhaps customers do love what they see at the “Made in the USA” black orb. In that case, Google should start stepping up the production of the Q to meet the demand, which is obviously there. Let’s not discount the halo effect of the Nexus 7, because the two gizmos make a good pair in anyone’s living room.

Did anyone manage to order the Nexus Q yesterday? Anyone planning to order the Nexus Q anytime soon? Share your thoughts and comments below.

Bams Sadewo
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