Google made a somewhat surprising decision by announcing a trio of Nexus devices on the company’s blog yesterday. So now, the complete Nexus family consists of the Nexus 4 smartphone, the revamped Nexus 7, and the Nexus 10 tablet. But wait, maybe it’s not that complete after all. You haven’t forgotten about the Nexus Q, have you?

The Nexus Q was introduced alongside the Nexus 7 back in June. After briefly listing the Q on Google Play Store, Google decided to push back the release of the social streaming media player – no new ETA was given.

No Nexus Q to be found
No Nexus Q to be found

The future doesn’t look too bright for the orb-shaped device, as it’s not even featured in the Nexus landing page anymore. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the Nexus Q won’t ever see the light of day, though. It is currently still listed as “not for sale” on the Play Store. The Q’s factory image was also recently posted on Google’s website.

It’s possible that Google just need more time to add more features and fine-tune the device before its eventual release, whenever that is. Considering that the the Nexus Q was mainly criticized for its $299 price tag, we’re sure folks don’t mind seeing the device reappear with a more wallet-friendly price.

Does anyone still looking forward to the Nexus Q?