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Google’s Nexus One handset may be making a full sweep in the US, possibly landing on all four major carriers. The Nexus One is already available on T-Mobile and a Verizon Wireless version is expected to debut this Spring. Two separate rumors suggest that both AT&T and Sprint versions of the Nexus One may be in the works as well. In the first rumor which broke late last week on Engadget, a version of the Nexus One was spotted at the FCC with AT&T friendly bands (850/1900/2100) and an FCC ID that is almost identical to the original Nexus One.  The second rumor broke on Monday when Gizmodo received a letter from Sprint customer service that mentions that the Nexus One is “not on offer as of now” and in the the next breath states “When it is launched”. A letter from customer service is not the most reliable source for inside information but we can dream big, can’t we?