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Google famously rebuffs traditional support in favor of forums, where users can often source answers to situations that Google engineers neither saw or imagined. While Chrome OS — and more pointedly, Chromebooks — enjoy a robust and thriving community, the Nexus program has had no such recourse until this week, when Google introduced the Nexus forums.

In the Nexus forums, all topics are open for discussion. You can get help on using your camera, setting the device up, and even get pointers on Google Now and voice actions. There are also forums for discussing particular devices from the Galaxy Nexus to the Nexus 10, and even the catch-all “Other Devices” should prove helpful for those still using a One or Nexus S.

The Nexus program has been around since 2010, starting with the Nexus One from HTC. That device started a stock Android revolution, and has ballooned into the increasingly encompassing program we enjoy today. While Chromebooks came a full 18 months later, they were the first of the two to have a forum.

It’s speculative to assume why Google is only now opening up a discussion forum for Nexus devices, but my money is on Sundar Pichai pulling the trigger. His ascent to the top of Android and Chrome was bound to have some crossover utility, and Chrome (where he was before assuming dual roles) has long enjoyed forums. The presence of a forum only strengthens the bond a user has with their hardware, as any Chromie will readily admit.

It’s a small step for Google, but a big help for Nexus users. Head on over to the forums and check it out!