A newly discovered job listing suggests that Google is trying to recruit employees to work in a customer service call center. More specifically, the listing is looking for those who “really love” Android products and would consider themselves to be friendly, outgoing and customer focused, as well as being an Android aficionado. The listing is not coming direct from Google though, and instead by way of a recruiter, Randstand Staffing.

That bit aside though, the listing does offer enough of a hint that makes it clear Google is behind this. The listing notes that the client is confidential, however they also go on to mention that the client is in Mountain View, California and recently released a new Android tablet. Simply put, that is Google.

Based on details coming from Geek.com, the call center is expected to be fully-staffed and operational by the end of the month. And for those following the latest in the Nexus rumors, that sounds like perfect time for the upcoming (and still not officially announced) next Nexus smartphone.

A proper call center could be just the move that Google needs to take the Nexus brand to the next level. Otherwise, another interesting tidbit coming from the job listing is how they mention that they are looking for someone that has to ability to share information on Android products to include “billing and payments.”

Bottom line here, assuming this listing is the real deal and does not turn out to be a big hoax, this could be the beginning to a serious ramp-up in terms of Google pushing hardware sales and support. Something that certainly sounds like it makes sense given all the rumors about multiple Nexus devices coming this year.

Robert Nelson
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