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Google sends software update to Nexus 7 to enable Google Wallet

July 18, 2012

The privy few who own a Nexus 7 got a surprise from Google yesterday, as a new small-ish update was pushed to the tablet. Thankfully, it’s not that dumbed down search feature that other high-profile Android devices were getting, but it’s just a little something that allows you to tap, pay, and save with the Google Wallet app on your Nexus 7.

You don’t think Google has embedded an NFC chip in the 7-incher for kicks, do you? Well, with the activated Google Wallet feature, you can now pay for those potato chips by pulling out the Nexus 7 out of your bag and doing some wireless payment magic – unlike regular folks who have to open their wallet and use physical money. So last decade, right?

Since you are getting a $25 credit from Google, as part of the Nexus 7 package, why not head down to the nearest NFC-compatible convenience store and try the prepaid card out? Hopefully you won’t have problem finding one.

For those who have tested out purchasing things using their Nexus 7 — how was it like for you? Was it a hassle-free and convenient experience or the other way around?