After showing Nexus 7 buyers how to perform the initial tablet setup in a short video yesterday, Google released a new mini video tutorial that unseasoned Android users should check out.

Just like last time, we’re looking at a 75-second clip that deals with creating home screens, adding widgets and apps to those home screens and organizing apps into folders according to your needs – in short, you’ll learn how to customize the tablet’s home screen.

It’s all very simple and straightforward, especially if you have owned an Android device or a mobile device before the Nexus 7. In case the Nexus 7 is the first smart device, then these videos should come in handy, although I suspect you’re going to soon learn all there is to know about the tablet, if you haven’t done so already.

We expect Google to release more Nexus 7 videos but those of you that want more advanced tips and tricks for the Nexus 7 should follow our in-depth coverage of the Jelly Bean tablet here at Android Authority.