We’ve seen many a video of the Nexus 7 that showcase the quad-core tablet’s features, but those videos and ads won’t help when misfortune and accident befall your beloved Jelly Bean tablet. Sometimes it can be the manufacturer’s fault, such as the screen separation issue that seems to plague this first batch of Nexus 7. There’s also the possibility that your clumsiness will get the best of you and the slate.

Some problems can be fixed by tightening the screws. To do this, of course, you need to know how to disassemble the Nexus 7 and reassemble it. If an instructional video of Google’s premier tablet is what you need, it’s what the folks at DirectFix are ready to provide.

They have uploaded a thorough video of how to tear down the Nexus 7 and put all the tiny pieces back together again. Taking off the back plate seems to be the easiest part of the instruction, so you will definitely want to take extra precaution and make sure that you’re up for it before moving on.

Go right ahead if you believe that it’ll solve whatever problem you seem to be having or if you’re just plain curious to see the inside of the Nexus 7. But as we’ve said before, please proceed at your own risk. Remember that Google is always happy to take any troubled Nexus 7 back and replace it with a new unit.

Bams Sadewo
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