The Google Nexus 7 Jelly Bean tablet has been officially announced at this year’s Google I/O edition, with Google taking pre-orders on the same day it unveiled the device in late June. By mid-July, the company partnered up with various electronics retailers that have also started taking pre-orders for the device.

The Nexus 7 started shipping last Friday, with customers not happy to see some of those retailers beat Google when it came to shipping pre-orders. Since then, we reported that various companies finished their first Nexus 7 allotments on the first days of sales, but the device continued to be available from Google’s own Google Play store.

In the mean time, it looks like the tablet is sold out with major retailers, according to ZDNet. Not to mention that after performing a quick check on Google Play you’ll see that the 8GB version ships in 3-5 days while the 16GB model will reach your home in 3-4 weeks.

So where should you buy a Nexus 7 tablet now? Well, you can always order from Google, but if you’d like to buy it in a physical store, here’s what you need to know regarding Nexus 7 availability from major retailers:

  • GameStop – 16GB Nexus 7 is backordered. The company waits for a third allotment of pre-orders to ship in August.
  • B&H – online orders accepted, but the store only has limited Nexus 7 stock.
  • Office Depot – 8GB version listed as “coming soon” while the 16GB model is “out of stock.”
  • Staples – 16GB version available in stores only.
  • Kmart – selling only the 16GB version, which is currently “out of stock.”
  • MobileCity – takes pre-orders for the 16GB version, but does not provide shipping dates.
  • Sam’s Club – does not take pre-orders: “this item is out of stock for delivery.”
  • Curry PC World Store – Nexus 7 is sold out at this UK retailer.

As you can see, the device is pretty much sold out with everyone, although you’re surely going to find a device from eBay and/or Craigslist if you need one right now. Google notes:

We’ve had incredible demand for our new Nexus 7 tablet and are shipping them as quickly as possible. When your device ships you will receive a notification from Google Play with a shipping tracking number.

However, the company does not translate that “incredible demand” in actual numbers and we’re certainly interested to know how many Nexus tablets the company sold. The Search giant is expected to sell 2-3 million Nexus 7 units this year, and we’re yet to hear whether the device will ship in other markets in addition to the original four: USA, Canada, Australia and UK.

Did you buy your Nexus 7 tablet yet?

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