UK folks, the days of yearning for Google Nexus 7 will be behind you soon. The 7-inch slate is now up for pre-order on Dixons Group’s online stores, which means you’ll be able to secure your unit of the Nexus 7 from the likes of PC World, Currys and Dixons and get it possibly before others do.  For now, only the 16GB model of the tablet is available to pre-order, while the 8GB model is nowhere to be seen. As expected, the former will cost £199.99.

According to their websites, if you pre-order the quad-core Nexus 7 tablet now, there’s a good chance that you will receive the tablet by July 19.

The Google Nexus 7 tablet is expected to officially touch down in the UK in mid-July. Interestingly, earlier reports suggested that the 16GB model will hit retails stores a bit later than the 8GB model, with the former to be available on July 27. As for the availability of the 8GB Nexus 7 tab, it will hit major stores in UK on July 20 for £159.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing the Nexus 7 tablet is that you won’t be able to purchase digital content like TV shows, magazines and music from Google Play Store – as the three categories are only available for the US market for the time being. You can, however, download apps, games, books and movies.

Still interested in getting the Nexus 7?