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Google Nexus 7 development roundup: tablet UI, rooting, custom ROM and more

July 9, 2012

One of the boons of buying a Nexus device is that it’s bound to receive more love from the developer community than other Android smartphones or tablets. Such is the case with Google Nexus 7 tablet, which is just a week or two away from reaching the eager hands of customers. Even though the Google’s flagship tablet isn’t officially available yet in stores, some hackeries and tinkerings are already lining up to greet the Nexus 7.

You may have noticed from the many reviews of the Nexus 7 you’ve ogled upon that the device comes with a phone UI – the home screen on the slate can only be viewed in portrait mode. It’s perfectly fine for the general masses who want something simple, but power users who long for a full tablet UI experience need not worry thanks to a workaround created by SladeNotics at xda-developers. All it takes is a simple edit on the tablet’s build.prop file.

Since rooting is required to edit such files, this brings us to the good news that the $199 tablet has in fact been successfully rooted. The same folks at xda-developers have provided an easy rooting tutorial for the Google Nexus 7. If you’re not familiar yet with the procedure, at least you have a couple of weeks to learn all there is to know about rooting the precious Nexus 7.

And if there’s more proof needed about the great buzz created by the Google Nexus 7 in the community, you can already find a custom ROM and custom kernel for the quad-core tablet. The former offers a bunch of improvements, while using the latter allows you to overclock the tablet’s processor to 1.5GHz for that extra boost of performance.

So go ahead and take your time to decide which one to jump on when you do finally get the Nexus 7 in your hands. We’re positive the list of tinkering options will grow even longer in the next couple of weeks.