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Study finds that Google’s Nexus 7 commercial is more effective than Apple’s new ads

A big marketing win for Google.
August 4, 2012
google nexus 7 camping commercial

If you watch TV regularly or if you like to read tech blogs, you are probably aware of two ad campaigns from two major technology companies that have been airing for the last weeks.

First, Google has launched a minute-long commercial for its new Nexus 7 tablet, called “Camping”. The spot features a father and his son, spending quality time together, seemingly in the wilderness, accompanied by a Nexus 7 tablet. The two protagonists use the Nexus as a compass, to play some chess on a rainy day, or to read The Little Prince before going to sleep. Overall, the ad conveys a feel-good message, showing how the Nexus 7 can make life better for its users.

Here’s Google’s Camping spot:

The second major campaign is Apple’s “Genius” series of ads, which feature a young Apple Store Genius that helps out hapless people use their Apple products. We have a guy that he thinks he bought a Mac (it’s actually a PC, imagine the horror), an exec that needs to prepare a presentation on his MacBook to get back in his wife’s good books, and a father that wants to document the birth of his child,  by using off course, Apple apps. Apple’s three new ads were panned across the web, and some even went so far as to call them embarrassing and dumb. The main gripe seems to be that Apple always boasted that its devices are easy to use, which is the complete opposite of the pitch in the Genius campaign.

Check out Apple’s new ads yourself.

A study by Ace Metrix, a company that specializes in measuring the effectiveness of ads, has found that Google’s commercial has been received better than Apple’s campaign. Of the three Genius ads, only one managed a score in the upper half of Ace Metrix’s effectiveness scale. Google’s ad had a better impact, with Ace Metrix giving it a score of 662 out of 950. For comparison, before the Genius campaign, Apple’s commercials scored an average of 620.

Which ad is your favorite? Do you like Google’s Camping commercial? Do you think that the negative reaction to Apple’s ads is exaggerated? Let us know!