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Google trolling us again: mentions yellow Nexus 5 and may have hinted HTC Volantis in new image

Google is no stranger to trolling its fans, and we eagerly eat it all up! Not only has an official Google page mentioned the yellow Nexus 5 (which doesn't exist), an image from Google's design pages may give us a look at the first render of the HTC Nexus 9/Volantis.
June 26, 2014

As much as we love Google, there’s no denying, the company knows how to troll us … Hard. Even the name Android L is a tease, since we still don’t have a version number or any hint as to what sweet goodness it will be named after. And now it seems that Google may have subtly revealed hints about plans for a yellow Nexus 5 and might have even given us the first look at a render of the rumored HTC Volantis tablet.

First, let’s talk about the yellow Nexus 5. Taking a gander at the Android website’s Phone & Tablet page you’ll be able to scroll down until you get to the part where it says that the Nexus 5 comes in “black, white, red and yellow”. Unless someone made a major marketing mistake, it seems pretty clear that a yellow model is in fact coming, though it’s hard to say when exactly.

While it might seem awfully late in the game to be releasing a new color now, remember that we may not see a Nexus 6 this year or ever, and so adding new colors might be a way to keep consumers interested in the Nexus 5 until the arrival of Android Silver. Of course that’s really just speculation at this point.


Turning towards the HTC Volantis (Nexus 9?), an image from the Google design pages has been spotted sporting a tablet with a form factor that looks above 7-inches but likely below 10-inches. Now this could be a generic render, but then there’s the inclusion of speaker grill that hints at a front-facing design. That’s a pretty specific element for a “generic image” and seems characteristic of what we’d expect from an HTC tablet. The tablet also appears to have a 4:3 ratio, something the Volantis is rumored to sport as well.

Keep in mind that neither the yellow Nexus 5 or the HTC Volantis have been confirmed by Google just yet, though we wouldn’t put it past them to drop hints in this fashion. What do you think, too late for another Nexus 5 color? Excited by the idea of the HTC Nexus 9/Volantis?