moto x vs nexus 4 aa nexus 4 standing

After selling out the 8GB Nexus 4 a few weeks ago, Google has also finished its Nexus 4 inventory, which appears to have been the last batch of Nexus 4 handsets to be sold by the company in the country.

The Verge has it from a “trusted source” that Google does not plan to restock the Nexus 4 (neither capacity version), something that we have heard before – and something that must be related to all those Nexus 5 rumors swirling around.

The handset may still be available from other retailers in the USA, and other international Google Play Stores may still be selling the Nexus 4, in case you still want a brand new handset.

However, the successor of this almost one-year old handset is definitely launching soon, and from the looks of it we’re looking at a new Nexus handset also made by LG. In other words, if you haven’t purchased the LG Nexus 4 by now, you may want to wait a few more weeks for the next best thing.

Speaking of the Nexus 5, just earlier today we looked at said device in a couple of videos, as a working LG-branded Nexus 5 has apparently been seen in a bar.

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