Free Nexus 4. Wait, let me say it again. We’re giving away a free Google Nexus 4!

Update – Winner Announced

So we had a few gamers this time around, and so had to double check that they had filled out their end of the bargain! A big congratulations to Tyler Miller! Good luck next time, everyone!

We all love Android, right? Well, why not give some sweet hardware away? All of us here at Android Authority live and breathe Android to the core. We’ve worked hard since we started to create – for you – great quality content, every day, that not only is informative, but that is entertaining, and that keeps the Android ecosystem on its toes. And we’re not slowing down any time soon! We live to serve all of you, and want to give back because you honor us with your time.

With this in mind, we thought it appropriate to give away the latest and greatest device, the Google Nexus 4!

Follow the easy instructions below, and enter the running for the Google Nexus 4 !


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  3. Check out Android Authority On Air, and listen for the secret code! There will be two chances to get the code, as it will be held separately. The show is held every Thursday, at 930pm EST, so check it out for more chances to win!

For those of you interested in getting the best chance possible, do as many as possible for the best chance to win!

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Always let us know how we’re doing by commenting down below! Follow us, talk to us, check us out. We do this for you each and every day, and we want to make Android Authority the best Android site in the world! Good luck on the giveaway!

Darcy LaCouvee
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